Karen Kornienko in the Mirror Hall of the Moskontsert

On October 18th, 2018, Karen Kornienko held a concert in the Mirror Hall of the Moskontsert. Here are a few impressions of the guests of this piano evening:

1. A wonderful concert, we enjoyed it, and from everything in the complex, and from the music, and even from the venue - we suddenly found out another interesting beautiful mansion in Moscow, unknown to me earlier. The music poured, very beautifully, and the technique, well, as far as we non-professionals understand, the mood and the very interesting turned out to be processing - a classic in an unexpected, slightly different interpretation!

Janna Danielyanc

2. Karen radiates kindness and softness. I really liked the repertoire, especially Bach and Scriabin (at the end), Marianne - Tchaikovsky. Two departments were held in one breath. Fatigue, headache - everything receded. I believe that such a concert can withstand any "uninitiated" person, this is not difficult, since the music captures completely. About music: Bach sounded somehow modern, which is very pleasing. Karen’s talent is obvious, he is a virtuoso. Yes, and the chairs were very comfortable. Marianne also liked everything very much, we went out and my heart was at ease.



3. Real music heals the heart, giving birth to hope for the beautiful. Very interesting musician! I was captivated by his manner of performance and creativity. Respect for music. He has something to tell us. And this means that his inner man works hard in all aspects. Here is the result.


4. Yesterday I was very lucky and for the first time I listened to the piano concert of pianist Karen Kornienko, the first and second sections were for me in the same breath. Pianist of outstanding talent, virtuoso of his craft! His hands, his appearance, his emotions captured our attention from the first sounds. All that he performed wanted to listen and listen! This pianist is not traditional, he does not fit into any framework. Very peculiar, easy, romantic, beautiful, the listeners did not want to let the artist go for a long time. Masterly performance of all works. Thanks to Karen for the given evening!

Mironova Lubov Vladimirovna

5. We were at Karen Kornienko’s concert for the first time, and it seemed that we were in touch with something important, monumental, basic. Listening to these same works on disk or on the radio, I did not get even a fraction of the diverse palette of impressions that replaced each other: tears, delight, joy. Images were born in the head, events and dramas unfolded. I am sure that the reason is not only that the music is alive, the reason is the talent of a great musician who puts his soul into every note, into every chord.

I am sure that Karen Kornienko creates at his concerts something that changes life for the better. Therefore, he is given so many beautiful flowers! We are very grateful to the organizers for the wonderful concert and the cozy and at the same time solemn atmosphere of the Mosconcert Hall.

Margatira Makarevich, Olga Astashina, Olga Orlova

6. On October 18th, we attended a concert by Koren Kornienko and received enormous pleasure. I really liked the works of Karen himself. And the performance of other composers was at their best. It was felt that enormous work, soul, was put into every chord that was removed from the piano. And still, there is no substitute for live music!

Thanks to the organizers for a cozy and comfortable room. We will be glad to visit Karen's concerts and other events in this hall. Good luck and succeed in your work.

Petrosyan L.V.

7. Was with a friend at a concert of the wonderful pianist Karen Kornienko. Great concert! I was struck by the brightness of the performance, the music just penetrated the soul. Karen Kornienko also has a composing gift, which gives the concert an additional charm. Thanks so much for a wonderful trip to music!


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