Karen Kornienko's notes are now available on MusicNotes.Com

Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that now Karen Kornienko's notes are available on MusicNotes.com.

For your convenience, we have created a separate section on the site - NOTES, with which you can easily find the compositions you need.

Karen Kornienko wrote many wonderful transcriptions for the piano, and now everyone who wants to perform his works has an excellent opportunity to quickly and easily acquire his notes in digital format.

  • Болеро
  • Адажио
  • Игра Престолов
  • Баба-Яга
  • Хабанера
  • Танец маленьких лебедей
  • Не может быть
  • Кикимора
  • Хор мальчиков
  • Танец с кубками
  • Муза
  • Волшебное озеро
  • Интермеццо I
  • Интермеццо - Лебединое озеро
  • Вариации Ромео и Джульета
  • Интродукция - Лебединое озеро
  • Вальс-Фантазия

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